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Chased By The Light



"In autumn I set out to make one photograph—one single exposure—each day for 90 days. I hoped with patience and endurance to renew my vision of the natural world."
- Jim Brandenburg

After 90 days what emerged from the deep woods in and around the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, was a changed photographer—with three rolls of film filled with images that represented Brandenburg’s feelings about the essence of wild places—a raven feather in the rain; a tree marked by a bear; a vibrant view of aurora borealis.  

Visit Chased By the Light and see all 90 of Brandenburg's images taken during his photo journey, as well as view a collection of images of the same locations, revisited years later. A video theater will also provide a behind-the-scenes exploration of method and meanings
of Brandenburg's remarkable images.

Chased By the Light: Jim Brandenburg's 90-Day Photo Journey

OPEN December 10, 2011 through May 13, 2012

Listen to Jim Brandenburg discuss 'Raven Feather in Rain,' one of the photos featured in Chased By the Light, and his process for selecting his daily image.

From exhibit curator, Don Luce

“Setting aside time to slow down—to study and contemplate nature and the world around us is a timeless message, and this exhibit is a great way to inspire people to do this, plus the BWCA where many of the images were shot has been in the news of late. With climate change, intense storms and fires, the north woods are changing rapidly. This area we thought we set aside to be preserved forever, may be a very different place for our children and grandchildren. Jim's photos will be an important visual documentation of what this place was once like.” 



About Jim Brandenburg

A native Minnesotan, Jim Brandenburg spent over three decades traveling the world as a photographer with National Geographic Magazine. His work has been widely published around the globe—including in The New York Times, Life and Time.

His piece, “NorthWoods Journal,” the impetus for his bestselling book "Chased By the Light," made National Geographic history. According to editor William Allen, it was “the most photographs the magazine had ever published in one feature in its entire history…and by the way, using the least amount of film.”

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